People and data are essential. Move faster and make smarter business decisions using factual and predictive insights extracted from your data. Our data engineering solutions empower your people and enable your organization to become more successful and agile – while saving time, effort and cost.


Our consulting services entail the development of state-of-the-art, cloud-native data platforms, data pipelines and AI solutions for large enterprises, public sector players, and startup companies.

Managed services

The operational aspects of running a modern data platform requires experience and a specific skill set. A number of our clients pay a fixed monthly fee to have Data Minded take care of platform operation.


A gap in employee skills is the biggest challenge that our customers face when growing in data maturity. To overcome this, we offer specific data engineering trainings for business intelligence (BI) professionals, data scientists and software engineers.

"Companies that are able to develop actionable insights on any data level will be winners."


- Matt Shepard in

CEO Today