Better data engineering

Our team offers the capability, technology, and way of working for organizations to process data and get insights from data. We assist you in becoming more data minded and self reliant to evolve from traditional reports to machine learning and intelligent applications. By building robust and scalable data solutions, Data Minded empowers teams to make more impactful decisions and achieve business results.

Actionable insights driving smarter decisions

Big insights are more important than big data. Data Minded does not believe in one-off, siloed analytics exercises performed on various scattered data. Instead, our team in Leuven is ready to interact and understand your business and develop a performant, stable data solution. We set up the platform and implement the first analytics use cases until you take over and implement more cases. As a result, all your colleagues can access data, consult analyses, and gain factual and predictive insights driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Taking smarter decisions every day on the basis of actionable insights, increases the competitiveness of organizations across industries.
















Datafy: Build next-generation data products


We are proud to announce Datafy, a SaaS product that helps you build data products using Python, Spark or DBT. Datafy is built on our years of experience building data solutions at our clients. 

Deep data engineering & strong industry experience

The Data Minded team combines deep data engineering skills with years of experience in diverse industries, such as banking, telecom, media and logistics. Our specialists offer consulting, training and managed services in the field of data collection, data analysis, machine learning and AI. Together with you, we examine and discuss your business case to define a clear vision and set objectives. We develop a minimum version of the platform solution and go live early to capture internal feedback fur further platform improvements. Our pragmatic, iterative approach ensures that the platform encourages everyone in your organization to excel and realize greater impact.


Our consulting services entail the development of state-of-the-art, cloud-native data platforms, data pipelines and AI solutions for large enterprises, public sector players, and startup companies.

Managed services

The operational aspects of running a modern data platform requires experience and a specific skill set. A number of our clients pay a fixed monthly fee to have Data Minded take care of platform operation.

"Companies that are able to develop actionable insights on any data level will be winners."


- Matt Shepard in

CEO Today


A gap in employee skills is the biggest challenge that our customers face when growing in data maturity. To overcome this, we offer specific data engineering trainings for business intelligence (BI) professionals, data scientists and software engineers.

Come and challenge us with your business case

Let’s discuss your business case and aim for a data solution that really works for your organization. Co-create with the best data engineers who come on-site, think along with you, and share their honest opinions. The time is right to have real business impact with actionable insights, thanks to the exponential growth in data, tools, computation power and algorithms. Data Minded professionals iterate fast and capture user feedback in order to optimize the data solution. Data engineering works for many, so why not for you? We like to be challenged and we'd love to hear from you soon.

Data engineering is your thing? We're hiring...

Excited about Data Minded and what the team accomplishes together with clients? Ready to use your skills, passion and drive to strengthen our team of data engineering specialists? Check out our career opportunities and give us a shout.

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